Latino Behavioral Health Services & 

the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Present:


2021 Utah

Peer Conference



"Peer support is a part of the human experience. Being able to share experiences, help heal, guide, and warn one another is what bonds us as families, friends, and communities. There is a long history of peer support that we need to strengthen and cement here at this conference and throughout the coming year. Peers have continued to exercise their voice in their own treatment and recovery process. Today, peers are an essential partner in supporting recovery through mutual support, education, and advocacy across the nation, in the fields of mental health and substance use disorders."


Doug Thomas, Director

Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health






10:00-10:15 AM

Time to join and enter the conference room

10:15-10:20 AM

Welcome and housekeeping

Presenter: Nata Choi

10:20-10:35 AM

Title: Welcome to the 2021 Utah Peer Conference

Presenter: Brent Kelsey, Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health (DSAMH)

10:35-10:45 AM

Title: Welcome to the 2021 Utah Peer Conference

Presenter: Sarah Olsen, Utah Peer Conference Committee Member

10:45-11:00 AM

Title: Social Networking Introductions

11:00 AM-12:00 PM

11:00-11:15 Keynote - Brian Tease

11:15 AM-12:00 PM

Breakout Room 1

Title: Telling Your Story to Instill Hope and Encourage Growth

Presenter: Kiki Mulliner

Presentation Available: Click Here

Breakout Room 2

Title: LiveOn Suicide Prevention Campaign

Presenter: Carol Rudell, Chase Lewis, Katie Perkins, &

Kristina Groves

Presentation Available: Click Here

Breakout Room 3 (presentation in Spanish)

Title: Skill Building to help Manage Stress 

Presenter: Patricia Riano and Diana Ballesteros

Presentation Available: Spanish or English

12:00-12:30 PM



12:30-01:15 PM


Change Maker Award, Allies with Families

Sarah Olsen and Kim Bartley will present this award

Jaqueline Gomez-Arias Peer of the Year Award

Teresa Molina-Avella will present this award

01:15-01:30 PM


01:30-02:30 PM

01:30-01:45 Keynote - Jesse Hakala

01:45 AM-02:30 PM

Breakout Room 1

Title: Advocacy 101 - "Nothing About Us Without Us"

Presenter: Ginger Lenore Phillips, CPSS

Breakout Room 2

Title: Gender Awareness and Pronoun Usage - Ethics

Presenter: Jac Lawler

Presentation Available: Click Here

Breakout Room 3 (presentation in Spanish)

Title: Creating Equitable, Effective, and Ethical Services for Immigrant Trauma Survivors - Ethics

Presenter: Jeannette Villalta

02:30-02:45 PM


02:45-03:45 PM

02:45-03:00 Keynote - Brian Neilson

03:00 AM-03:45 PM

Breakout Room 1

Title: Schools are Tardy for Change

Presenter:  Bridget, Chloe, and Carridee Raymundo

Breakout Room 2

Title: How to Empower and Focus on Strength

Presenter: Alicia Wilcox

Breakout Room 3 (presentation in Spanish)

Title: Depression in the Latinx Community - Self-Care

Presenter: Olimpia Canizal and Laura Santos

03:45-04:00 PM






Jacqueline Gomez-Arias

CPSS of the Year Award 

Born in Colombia, Jacqueline Gomez-Arias became an activist and an advocate through her own recovery journey and active involvement in social justice work. Jacqueline was a passionate advocate and public speaker who worked on behalf of immigrant and minority populations, committed to improving their access to mental health and recovery services. Jacqueline was an experienced trainer, a wonderful mother and partner, and most importantly, a peer.

In her honor, the Jacqueline Gomez-Arias Award was created to recognize peers who share the same passion, drive, and love for serving our community. If you know of someone who fits this description, we invite you to nominate them for the "CPSS of the Year" Award. 


Utah Peer Conference

Presentations and Workshops

We welcome submissions that showcase the various ways our recovery community is approaching “recovery support services” and

tackling the challenges of building communities of recovery in Utah. 

Presentation to be selected by the UT Peer Conference Planning Committee

Utah Peer Conference 2021
Jun 11, 10:00 AM MDT
Online Event, Conference
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